New print series “Majestic Animals”

When I decided to do another series of animal prints, I came up with the idea of making them look like travel posters for animals, showing them with their natural environment springing up behind them like a stage set and the animal taking centre stage. It was a new and novel way of envisaging animals for me.

For a change, I have drawn the fox in an urban setting, with a row of houses, bus, iron railings, a shed and ferns. You can see in the sketch I originally had a rubbish bin instead of the shed. I like the way it feels like a theatre stage, with layers of set curving up and over.

Majestic Fox sketch
Majestic Fox final print

The hare features many fields, wheat heads, flints and a stone barn. You can see that I moved things around a bit in the sketch before I nailed it down.

Majestic Hare Sketch
Majestic Hare final print

The otter, which is an animal I’ve always wanted to illustrate and print, sits in a riverbank scene with a willow tree.

Majestic Otter sketch
Majestic Otter final print

The bear print features fir trees, fir branches, a waterfall into a pool, snowflakes, mountains, aurora borealis and the moon. I originally had the waterfall on the left hand side but moved it to allow me to put in a fallen tree trunk.

Majestic Bear sketch
Majestic Bear final print

The stag stands in a moorland setting including gorse, heather, a rock tor, fence and stone wall. And a windswept tree of course!

Majestic Stag sketch
Majestic Stag final print