New prints “Farmyard Animals”

After creating the Winter Drifts lino prints back in 2017 I’d wanted to revisit two colour animal prints, and produce them as screenprints this time.

Lots of different geometric prints had inspired me, and I wanted to carry that into my new prints. I hadn’t intended to create four farm animals; they were the ones that naturally flowed and so these are my starting point for this new series.

I wanted to keep the animal in black, and use lines to define the texture and shape of the animals. The second colour creates the background and environment in which the animal lives. 

Each print follows the same concept, but I believe it is strikingly different. You could say that this is the use of vibrant use of colour, but I wanted to make the use of shape, and use of line to create a striking difference. 

I enjoy being able to try different styles and push myself creatively by using colour, shape and subject matter limitations.

I’ve started work on an otter in the same range, and when I have time, I will begin to work on some more in the series.

Farmyard Chicken final print
Farmyard Cow final print
Farmyard Sheep final print
Farmyard Pig final print

These prints are available separately or as a set of four in my Folksy shop.