New print “Beach Findings”

While on holiday in St. Davids last year, I created a flurry of sketches to be used as new print ideas, including one called “Beach Findings”. 

The inspiration came from all the beaches we’ve been to in Cornwall and Wales. You can see the original sketch below. It is very rough, and also quite small!

Beach Findings original sketch

In the first illustration, I created once home; you can see all the elements are in place. All my prints start as a sketch on paper and then progress to working on my Mac. This idea was developed in Illustrator this time to get the paper cut look.

Beach Findings early illustration

Between the early illustration above and the final print, the overall composition didn’t change. But many of the details and textures did,  including the seaweed and the rock shading. 

This print was the first time I’d started to introduce textural elements into the sky made from ink scraped monoprints I created in the garage. I think there will be a lot more of these textural experimentations in the future as they work well in the format of screen printing.

Below you can see the final print. I’m delighted with how it turned out.

Beach Findings final print