New print "Harbour Lane"

Following the series of coastal paths prints, I wanted to follow the theme but use it differently.

From the things I print and talk about, you can see how much inspiration I take from visiting Cornwall.

My new print, Harbour Lane, feels like something you would easily find in many coastal towns, leading down to their harbours.

I started with sketching the winding and steep road, the hill that you would follow to the harbour.

Sometimes my initial sketches for an idea look nothing like the finished print, but this one is very similar, and you can see some of the essential elements, such as the wall following the road down the hill.

I started to think about the colours I wanted to use and tied into that the mark-making.

Continuing the elements that I had worked on with the Coastal Path series, I developing the way that I would produce illustrated textures and using ones that I had created by monoprinting rollered ink.

The road with the two layers of colour and the texture of the monoprint surface works well; tarmac has never felt so tactile!

Final print