Quotation prints

My quotation prints continue to develop, and with my latest going on sale earlier this year, I wanted to look at back at the current four and look at their inspiration and design.

Alice and I both love the film Amélie; we think it’s the most romantic film. Using a quote from the film seemed like a natural choice when initially thinking about creating a quotation print. 

The overall idea of the quotation prints was to use bold, woodblock style type but also to create an illustration to work alongside the type.

The quote is when Amélie is talking to the greengrocer’s young assistant who is always put down by his boss as being stupid and Amélie sticks up for him; because even artichokes have hearts.

Amélie final print

Music is a massive source of inspiration for me. 

One band that always provokes a significant reaction is one of our favourites, Pete & the Pirates. They no longer exist, but their music and lyrics are simply perfect, and the lyrics to the song “Bears’ created this print. 

I love the words to the song “Bears” and decided to make a print about it.

The print has created some of the most fantastic feedback and reactions we’ve had at events; we have had several ladies almost brought to tears by the sentiment. 

Pete & the Pirates “Bears” final print

The next quotation print was all down to Alice. She was well known in an old job for exclaiming this when exasperated (which was every day) “There are no words!” so I decided to express this reaction as a print. 

It was hard to come up with an illustration to go with it and eventually I decided it had to be a facepalm but with one of those giant foam hands. I also chose not to make the woman in the print Alice; it could have been a bit weird for her at events for one thing!

There Are No Words final print

My most recent quotation is slightly different, it is a longer quote from C.S. Lewis, and positive and forward-looking. When I’d found the quote, I imagined the illustration involving a book, and something or someone leaping from the pages, the fox followed quite quickly. I love the jumping pose of the fox, that and the combination of colours and type, help drive forward the positive message.

Change the Ending final print