Teasel and Hare screen print

Late in 2016 Alice asked me to come up with a design for a new lampshade for our home. I know this was a tactic she uses to help me to get working on stuff for myself because when I try to do things for myself I find it extremely hard to do anything.

I think the brief was “lots of animals” plus it had to be one colour only and had to be a small lampshade of only 18cm height when finished.

It was actually all too easy, for once. I sketched out my idea and knew that I wanted to play with contrasting areas of dark and light. Most of the things I love to illustrate are in this drawing. It came together very quickly and easily. Then, with Christmas looming, we said “why don’t we print this on card for Christmas presents and print a few more?”. So that’s exactly what I did. I printed a limited run of 22, all signed and numbered.


Initial sketch

Final print

Fox detail

Hare detail

Field mouse detail