Treasure: Lisa Hammond

So, this is probably the ceramic that started us off on our epic love of ceramics, a journey which has taken us quite far!

I bought this tall ceramic container from a place in London (when we used to live in London) a long time ago. I think it was from a place called Contemporary Ceramics near Carnaby Street but I’m pretty certain it has moved.

These ceramics are by Lisa Hammond MBE, a potter who specialises in soda glazes and has been working for almost 40 years. I loved the shape of this container and the lid design, as well as the soda glaze finish which is wonderfully speckly. Oh and the colour too!

Tall container

Tall container close up

So, years later we were in St. Ives in the Contemporary Ceramics gallery there and saw this wonderful second piece by Lisa. It’s a squat container with a lovely tiny lid. Probably not practical for very much but I just love the colour and the finish of this. It has an almost jade-like colour and feeling of translucency. I particularly like the shapes which the glaze creates.

Lidded container

Lidded container close up

You can find out more about Lisa’s work here.