Treasure: The Cloud Pottery

Juliet Macleod is the potter behind The Cloud Pottery and she makes these wonderful ceramics which are inspired by the sea.

I love the way Juliet combines brush strokes with sgraffito mark making to bring her ceramics to life and to evoke that coastal feeling in quite abstract ways. With these two ceramics we own the deepening, layered blues and the grasses, waves, pebbles scratched away from those blues work really well, especially with the deep sea cerulean interior of the pieces. The yellow foot ring (which you can’t really see here) subtly contrasts the feeling of looking out to sea.

The larger pot

The small pot

Then we were lucky enough to pick up this tiny, jewel like vessel in Juliet’s sale recently. To me it looks like she’s captured the strata of rocks pressing down inexorably. The green interior and foot ring contrast the black nicely and evoke a feeling of seaweed clinging to the rocks.

The tiny vessel