July 2023 Seconds Sale 45 - Harbour Lane screenprint

July 2023 Seconds Sale 45 - Harbour Lane screenprint

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Seconds sale - this print is an artists proof, it is perfect. Please see photo for the actual print you will be buying.


"Harbour Lane" screenprint.

It features very stylised details and also textures I have created in my studio (garage) with monoprinting inks. It also has a translucent black which not only allows me to print in grey but also creates darker versions of the blue and yellow.

It is of course a coastal print, inspired very much by the twisty lanes in Cornwall leading down to harbours.

The size of the paper is 42cm x 30cm approximately. The artwork size is 34cm x 25cm approximately.

It's printed in four colours on Fabriano Unica printing paper.

It will be sent out rolled. Please note this print is unframed and also please note that as it is hand printed, each print will vary slightly.

I have long been inspired by the coast, especially Cornwall and Wales where we regularly holiday.

I am constantly trying to find new ways to draw rocks, driftwood, seaweed and coastal objects.